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6th Sense
(Sixth Sense Function)
This activates automatically to signal that the appliance is working to
reach optimal storage conditions.
Water filter (where provided)
The colour of the symbol indicates the condition of
the filter.
Green: new filter
Blue: filter in good condition
Red (fixed): filter running out
Red (blinking): filter needs replacing.
After replacing the filter, press the "Reset
filter/alarm" button until the symbol becomes green.
For Europe only
00800-40088400 - www.whirlpool.eu/myfridge
Freezer compartment temperature
Press the "Freezer temp" button to change the
temperature setting..
Refrigerator compartment temperature
Press the "Fridge temp" button to change the
temperature setting.
Anti-bacterial filter
(where provided)
Change the filter when the symbol blinks.
After replacing the filter, press the "Reset
filter/alarm" button until the symbol remains
permanently on.
For Europe only
00800-40088400 - www.whirlpool.eu/myfridge
Freezer compartment door open
Malfunction Alarm
See section "What to do if...".
Filter Alarm Reset
(Acoustic alarm mute
Press the "Reset
Filter/Alarm" button to
stop the acoustic alarm.
Blackout Alarm
See section "What to do if...".
Fast freezing
(Fast Freeze Function)
To be activated several hours before the food to be
frozen is placed in the freezer compartment (24
hours before freezing large quantities of food).
To activate this function, press the "Fast freezing"
button: the symbol will appear on the display.
The function disables automatically after 24 hours or
can be switched off manually by pressing the button
Ice Mode
(Type of ice)
Press the "Ice mode" button to select the desired
type of ice and to enable/disable the automatic ice
- = ice cubes
- = crushed ice
- no symbol displayed = automatic ice maker
Important: if the appliance is not connected to the
water supply, the automatic ice maker must be
Water delivery is always available and the symbol is
always displayed.
Vacation Mode
(Vacation Function)
This function can be used during extended absences.
Press the "Vacation mode" button to enable/disable
the function. When the function is enabled, the
related symbol lights up and the refrigerator
compartment becomes much less cold. After
activating this function, remove all perishable
foodstuffs from the compartment and leave the door
closed: the refrigerator will maintain the right
temperature to prevent odours from forming.
The freezer compartment remains enabled: it is
therefore possible to continue to use it as usual.
Water dispenser extraction
(on some models only)
The water dispenser features a swivel spout for easy
filling of bottles, jugs and other large receptacles.
Extract the spout with a simple click (press and
release) as shown in figure A. To return the spout to
the initial position, manually rotate the swivel as
shown in figure B.
Refrigerator compartment door open
Child Lock
(Child Safety)
To lock/unlock the buttons on the control panel and the water/ice
dispenser, press the "Reset filter/alarm" and "Vacation mode"
buttons at the same time until the symbol is displayed and the acoustic
signal sounds.
Eco mode
This function enables you to save energy. To enable/disable the function,
press the "Reset filter/alarm" and "Ice mode" buttons at the same
time for 5 seconds until the acoustic signal sounds. When the function is
enabled, the display only lights up when you use the appliance or the
control panel, otherwise only the symbol is shown.
Remember that this operation does not disconnect the appliance from
the power supply.
Freezer Compartment
P. Automatic ice maker
Q. Inside light
R. Glass shelves / racks (depending on the model)
S. Drawer / top basket (depending on the model)
T. Drawer / bottom basket (depending on the model)
U. Ice bucket
V. Door trays
Refrigerator Compartment
A. Inside light
B. Shelves
C. Shelf - drawer lid
D. Snack drawer (depending on the model)
E. Crisper drawer
F. Crisper drawer moisture control (where provided)
G. Meat / crisper drawer
H. Meat / crisper drawer temperature control (where
I. Rating plate
J. Dairy compartment
K. Door trays
L. Fresh control and Nature fresh compartment
(where provided)
M. 2 litre door tray with bottle holder (if supplied)
N. 0.75 litre door tray
O. Water filter (depending on the model)
Specifications, technical data and images may vary
from model to model.
Connect the appliance to the water supply and power
supply (see Installation manual).
Read the user handbook carefully before using the
Figure A Figure B


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