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vadovasWhirlpool WBE 3712 A+X
A. Refrigerator Compartment
2. Thermostat / light unit
3. Shelves / Shelf area
4. Cooler compartment
5. Rating plate with commercial name
7. Crisper divider
8. Reversibility kit
9. Egg tray
10. Separator
11. Door trays
B. Freezer Compartment
12. Storage baskets for frozen food items
12a “Eco green” basket (only in models with ECO GREEN function)
13. Ice tray and/or cold accumulator
14. Bottom basket (freezing zone)
16. The freezer door trays for pizza or other frozen products with a
short storage time (depending on the model)
Depending on the model the number and type of accesories may vary.
The freezer compartment can be used without the two upper
baskets to increase storage for large products. The lower basket
must not be removed. Place the food products directly on the racks.
After inserting food, ensure that the freezer compartment door
closes properly.
Anti-bacterial protection:
1. Filter in fan (depending on the model)
6. Crisper with antibacterial additives (depending on the
15. Door seals
The crisper and the door seals are manufactured from materials
that inhibit bacterial growth.
- In case of power failure the cold accumulator helps to
keep optimal storage temperature longer.
- All shelves and door trays are removable.
- The internal temperatures of the appliance depend on the
ambient temperature, frequency of opening the doors, as well as
location of the appliance. Temperature setting must consider
these factors.
- The appliance accessories are not suitable for washing in
Fridge/Freezer compartment controls
A. Thermostat knob
B. Light button
C. Thermostat setting indicator
D. Light bulb (max 15W)
The thermostat adjusts temperature in both compartments.
Thermostat set to MIN: low cooling intensity
Thermostat set between MIN and MAX: cooling intensity can be
adjusted according to the preferences.
Thermostat set to MAX: maximum refrigeration intensity.
For best food conservation MED position is recommended.
Thermostat set to
: cooling and lighting off.
Thermostat set to ECO GREEN (depending on the model): ECO
function active.
Replacing the light bulb
Before replacing the bulb, remove the power plug from the mains
To remove the light bulb turn anticlockwise as shown in figure .
ECO GREEN function
This function gives best food preservation
performance with the smallest energy consumption possible
(around 5-10% less in comparison with the normal settings)
if there is lower amount of food to be preserved in the
The best food preservation conditions when ECO function is
activated are in the ECO compartments:
- 2 "eco green" shelves in the fridge (with green frames)
- 1 "eco green" basket in freezer compartment
To select the function turn the ECO symbol on the knob of
the regulator.
Fan (depending on the model)
The fan gives more even temperature distribution inside the
refrigerator compartment, allowing better preservation of stored
Do not obstruct the air intake area with food items.
The fan will run ONLY when the compressor is in operation.
Fan with a button
To switch on the fan press the button (1a). It is advisable to activate
the fan when the ambient air temperature is over 27 ÷ 28°C or if
you perceive drops of water on the glass shelves or in the severe
humidity conditions. Fan switched on improves cooling conditions. To
keep preferable appliances setting, having the fan switched on, there
may be a need to adjust the thermostat.
Remember to turn off the fan when there is a lower ambient
air temperature.
Fan without a button
An electric system automatically turn on and turn off the fan.
If the appliance has the fan it can be equipped with the filter.
Remove it from the box (found in the crisper drawer (item 6) and
insert into the cover of fan (item 1b).
The replacement procedure is attached with the filter.
Defrosting the freezercompartment
The freezer should be defrosted once or
twice a year or when excessive frost is
present (3 mm thickness).
The formation of frost is normal.
The amount and rate at which frost
accumulates depends on room conditions
and how often the door is open.
To defrost the unit, switch off the freezer compartment or the whole
appliance, depending on the model, and remove all food products.
Leave the freezer door open to allow the frost to melt.
For appliances in figure only pull out the defrost water drain and
place a container under the drain.
When the operation is completed, put back the defrost water drain.
Clean the inside of the freezer. Rinse and dry thoroughly. Switch the
freezer compartment, or the whole appliance, back on and store the
food inside.
Defrosting the refrigerator compartment
Refrigerator compartment defrosting is completely automatic.
Droplets of water on the rear wall inside the refrigerator
compartment indicate that the automatic defrost phase is in progress.
The defrost water is automatically run into a drain hole and collected
in a container, where it evaporates.



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