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Whirlpool WBE 3323 NFW
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A. Refrigerator Compartment
2. Lighting
3. Shelves / Shelf area
4. Multi-flow cold air system
5. Cooler compartment
6. Rating plate with commercial name
8. Crisper divider
9. Reversibility kit
10. Egg tray
11. Separator
12. Door trays
B. Freezer Compartment
13. Storage zones for frozen food items (basket or flap)
13a. “Eco green” basket (only in models with ECO
GREEN function)
14. Shelves
15. Bottom basket (freezing zone)
16. Ice tray and/or cold accumulator
18. The freezer door trays for pizza or other frozen
products with a short storage time
Depending on the model the number and type of
accessories may vary.
The freezer compartment can be used without the
baskets / flap and without upper shelf to increase storage
for large products. Place the food products directly on the
racks. After inserting food, ensure that the freezer
compartment door closes properly.
C. Control panel
Anti-bacterial protection :
1. Filter in fan (depending on the model)
7. Crisper with antibacterial additives (depending
on the model)
17. Door seals
The crisper and the door seals are manufactured from
materials that inhibit bacterial growth.
- In case of power failure the cold accumulator helps
to keep optimal storage temperature longer.
- All shelves and door trays are removable.
- The internal temperatures of the appliance depend
on the ambient temperature, frequency of opening the
doors, as well as location of the appliance. Temperature
setting must consider these factors.
- The appliance accessories are not suitable for
washing in dishwasher.


The fan gives more even temperature distribution inside
the refrigerator compartment, allowing better
preservation of stored food.
To switch on the fan press the button (1a). It is advisable
to activate the fan when the ambient air temperature is
over 27 ÷ 28°C or if you perceive drops of water on the
glass shelves or in the severe humidity conditions.
Do not obstruct the air intake area with food items.
The fan will run ONLY when the compressor is in
operation. Remember to turn off the fan when
there is a lower ambient air temperature.
If the appliance has the fan it can be equipped with the
antibacterial filter.
Remove it from the box (found in the crisper drawer
(item 7) and insert into the cover of fan (item 1b).
The replacement procedure is attached with the filter.


Fit the spacers (if supplied) on the
upper part of the condenser at the
rear of the appliance. After plugging
the appliance to the mains, it starts
the operation automatically. Wait at least two hours
before switching the appliance on, to ensure that the
refrigerant circuit is fully efficient. The indicator lamps on
the control panel light up for approximately 1 second, and
after initialization process, setpoint is displayed.
- If food is placed in the refrigarator before the appliance
has cooled completely, it may deteriorate.
- If fresh food is loaded in freezer position 3 on control
panel should be chosen.


1. extra low temperature
2. low temperature
3. "ECO GREEN" position (depending on the model)
4. high temperature
5. temperature selection pushbutton
6. internal light switch


Temperature adjustment is made with pushbutton (5).
Temperature setpoint is done for both compartments at
one time – fridge and freezer.




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