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Your new appliance is a combined ventilated, No-Frost fridge-
freezer exclusively for domestic use.
Whirlpool Total-no-frost fridge freezers circulate chilled air around
the storage areas, reducing humidity to prevent the formation of ice,
thereby completely eliminating the need for defrosting. Frozen items
don’t stick to the walls, labeling stays legible and storage space
remains neat and clear. No-Frost’s temperature control helps keep
food fresher for longer.
A. Refrigerator Compartment
1. Shelves / Shelf area
1a. Plastic “Dual” shelf (depending on the model)
2. Lighting
3. Cooler compartment (depending on the model)
4. Crisper drawers
5. Door trays
6. Removable bottle holder (depending on the model)
6a. Separator (depending on the model)
7. Bottle rack
8. Rating plate
9. Antibacterial filter (depending on the model)
10. Air control (depending on the model)
B. Freezer Compartment
11. Upper basket (freezing zone)
12. Ice tray
13. Shelves (depending on the model)
14. Storage basket for frozen food items
15. Freezer compartment door
16. The freezer door trays for pizza or other frozen products with
short storage time (depending on model)
C. Light switch off button (depending on the model)
D. Internal controls
The number of shelves and configuration of accessories may vary,
depending on the model. All shelves and door racks are removable.
The appliance accessories are not suitable for washing in a
The internal temperatures of the appliance depend on the
ambient temperature, frequency of opening the doors, as well as
location of the appliance. Take these factors into consideration
when setting the thermostat knobs.
The anti-bacterial filter helps trap and kill airborne microorganisms
caught within it. Remove it from the box found in the crisper drawer
(item 4) and insert into the grille (item 9).
For any optimum performance of the antibacterial filter, replace the
filter every 6 months.
1. Remove the filter and dispose as a whole (grate box + insert).
2. Replace the filter and the grille with the new ones.
3. The replacement procedure is attached to the filter.
Our After-sales Service can supply this type of filter.
Starting up the appliance
Insert the plug into the mains socket.
The appliance will switch on automatically unless knob (2) is on
position OFF.
The inside light switches on when both doors are opened
To switch the appliance off, turn the knob (2) to OFF.
There is no need to adjust the thermostat knob as the temperature
is factory set to ensure the correct storage temperature for fresh
foods at ambient temperatures between +20°C and +25°C.
After being switched on, the refrigerator needs approximately 2
hours to reach the correct temperature to store a typical volume of
food in the refrigerator compartment
To adjust the temperature (if necessary):
Turn the thermostat control knob (2):
- Towards position 1, if the temperature inside the compartment is
too cold
- Towards position 7 for colder temperatures
- To position OFF to switch the appliance off.
Recommended thermostat position is 3-4.
In models without the cooler compartment, use control (4) to adjust
air circulation in the lower part of the refrigerator.
This function turns the appliance to a warmer state if you
are going away for some time. To select the function, turn
the vacation symbol on both knobs. To turn the
refrigerator back to setting point repeat this procedure.
Important: after activating this function, remove all
perishable foodstuffs from the refrigerator compartment
and leave the door closed, since the refrigerator maintains
a suitable temperature to prevent the formation of
unpleasant odours.


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