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Humanscale Freedom Custom Fit
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Custom Fit Instructions


Support Height

While seated, grasp backrest
with both hands on lower
corners. Squeeze handle
at right with fingertips and
move backrest to most
comfortable height.

Seat Height

Lift up on lever under right
side of seat cushion and
position chair to a comfortable
height with your thighs
parallel to the floor and your
feet fully supported by the
floor or footrest. Release lever.

Synchronous Armrests

Freedom’s body-friendly, gel armrests move up and down together and
stay with you during recline, always keeping you in supported balance.
Both of the gel-cushioned armrests on Freedom can be adjusted
synchronously without touching any release buttons. Lower them all
the way for close desk work.

To Raise

Gently pull upward on the
armrests and raise to desired
position. They will automatically
lock in place when released.

To Lower

Place hand on armrest as
pictured and rotate wrist toward
you (as if revving a motorcycle)
to disengage. Lower to desired
position. The armrests will
automatically lock in place
when released.



Grasp headrest with both
hands and move to desired
position. The dynamic,
position-sensitive headrest
cradles your head and neck
as you recline, and moves
out of the way when you
sit upright automatically.

Seat Depth

Lift up on lever under forward
edge of seat and slide seat to
a position such that when
you’re sitting with your back
fully against the backrest,
there are 2 - 4 inches of
clearance between the front
edge of the seat and the back
of your knee. Release lever.

Advanced Armrests


Depress the buttons on the inside
edge of Freedom’s optional Advanced
Armrests to unlock them and change
their position within a 35º arc. When
the buttons are released, the armrests
will lock in that lateral position.

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