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Cleaning and Special Maintenance

Filter Assembly

For the best performance and results, the filter assembly must
be cleaned.
The filter efficiently removes food particles from the wash water,
allowing it to be recirculated during the cycle. For this reason, it
is a good idea to remove the larger food particles trapped in the
filter after each wash cycle by rinsing the "A" semi-circular filter
and cup under running water. To remove the filter assembly, pull
on the cup handle in the upward direction. The entire filter as-
sembly (made up of the "A" semicircular filter and the "B" fine
filter) should be cleaned at least once a month. To clean the filter
and the fine filter, use a cleaning brush. Then, reassemble the
filter parts as shown in the figures below and reinsert the entire
assembly in the dishwasher, positioning in its seat and pressing
The dishwasher must never be used without the filters. Improper
replacement of the filters may reduce level of the appliance and
damage dishes and utensils.

Cleaning the Spray Arms

It may happen that food particle become encrusted on the sprayer
arms and block the hole. Check the sprayer arms periodically
and clean them when needed. (See "Close up view [interior]" ,
letters C-E ).

Cleaning the Water Inlet Filter

Periodically clean the water inlet filter (see figure 1/A) located on
the outlet of the water supply tap.
After turning off the water tap, unscrew the end of the water sup-
ply hose, remove the filter and clean it carefully under running
water. Then, return the filter to its place and tighten the water
supply hose back into position.


Positioning the Appliance

Position the appliance in the desired location. The back should
rest against the wall behind it, and the sides, along the adjacent
cabinets or wall. The dishwasher is equipped with water supply
and drain hoses that can be positioned to the right or the left to
facilitate proper installation.

Levelling the Appliance

Once the appliance is positioned, adjust the feet (screwing them
in or out) to adjust the dishwasher, making it level. In any case,
the appliance should not be inclined more than 2 . If the appli-
ance is level, it will help ensure proper performance.

Cold Water Connection

Connect the cold water supply hose to a threaded 3/4 (gas) con-
nector and make sure that it is fastened tightly in place (see fig.
If the water pipes are new or have not been used for an extended
period of time, let the water run to make sure that the water is
clear and free of impurities. If this precaution is not taken, there
is a risk that the water inlet can get blocked and damage the

Hot Water Connection

The water supply to the appliance can also be connected to the
house's hot water line (centralised system, heating system), as
long as it does not exceed a temperature of 60 .
In this case, the wash cycle time will be shortened by about 15
minutes and the wash efficiency slightly reduced.
The connection must be made to the hot water line following the
same procedures as those for the connection to the cold water

Drain Hose Connection

Insert the drain hose into a drain pipe with a minimum diameter
of 4cm, or let it run into the sink, making sure to avoid bending
or crimping it. Use the special plastic support that comes with
the appliance (see fig.2). The free end of the hose must be at a
height between 40 and 100 cm and must not be immersed in


The special plastic hose support must be solidly fastened to
the wall to prevent the drain hose from moving and allowing
water to spill outside the drain.

Electrical Connection

After making sure that the voltage and frequency values for the
current in the home correspond to those on the rating plate
(located on the stainless steel inner door of the appliance) and
that the electrical system is sized for the maximum voltage on
the rating plate, insert the plug into an electrical socket which
is earthed properly (the earthing of the appliance is a safety
requirement mandated by law).
If the electrical socket to which the appliance must be connected
is not appropriate for the plug, replace the plug, rather than
using adaptors or the like as they could cause overheating and
MAX 100 MIN 40



It may occur that the dishwasher does not function or does not
function properly. Before calling for assistance, let us see what
can be done first: have you forgotten to press one of the buttons
or to perform an essential operation?

The Dishwasher Does Not Start

Have you checked whether:
- the plug is pushed into the socket correctly;
- the power is on in the house;
- the door is closed properly;
- the ON-OFF switch is on "ON";
- the water supply is turned on.

The Dishwasher Does Not Load Water

Have you checked whether:
- the water is turned on and the hose is
connected properly;
- the water supply to the house on and has
sufficient pressure;
- the water supply hose is crimped or bent;
- the filter for the water supply hose is clogged.

The Dishes Are Not Clean

Have you checked whether:
- the water is turned on and the hose is
connected properly;

The Dishwasher Does Not Drain

Have you checked whether:
- the drain hose is crimped or bent.

Lime Deposits or a White Film Form on the Dishes

Have you checked whether:
- the lid to the salt container is closed properly;
- the rinse aid dosage is correct.
If, despite all these checks, the dishwasher still does not function
and/or the problem persists, contact the nearest authorised ser-
vice centre and provide them with the following information:
- the nature of the problem;
- the model type number (Mod...) And the serial number (S/N...),
which are indicated on the plate located on the side of the inner
part of the door.

Never call on unauthorised technicians and refuse to

allow parts to be installed that are not original spare


- the water supply to the house on and has
sufficient pressure;
- the water supply hose is crimped or bent;
- the filter for the water supply hose is clogged.




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Haier DW9-AFM specifikacijos

Žemiau rasite Haier DW9-AFM gaminio ir vadovo specifikacijas.

Bendra informacija
Prekės ženklas Haier
Modelis DW9-AFM
Produktas Indaplovė
EAN 6925777815807
Kalba Anglų
Failo tipas Vartotojo vadovas (PDF)
Prietaiso įrengimas Pastatomi
Kitos savybės
Skalbimo klasė B
Džiovinimo klasė B
Veikimo charakteristikos
Garso lygis 55 dB
Skalbimo programų kiekis 5
AquaStop funkcija Taip
Energijos valdymas
Vandens sunaudojimas per ciklą 14 L
Energijos sunaudojimas per ciklą 0.95 kWh
Svoris ir matmenys
Plotis 450 mm
Ilgis 600 mm
Aukštis 850 mm
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