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EverFocus Polestar II ED610
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vadovasEverFocus Polestar II ED610

1/3” CCD Color Day/Night

plus Wide Dynamic Range

Outdoor Vandal Dome Camera

Operation Instructions

Model No. ED610

Please read this manual first for correct installation and operation. This manual should be retained for future reference.
The information in this manual was current when published. The manufacturer reserves the right to revise and improve
its products. All specifications are therefore subject to change without notice.
1. Do not install the camera near electric or magnetic fields.
Install the camera away from TV/radio transmitters, magnets, electric motors, transformers and audio speakers
since the electromagnetic fields generated from these devices may distort the video image.
2. Never disassemble the camera beyond the recommendations in this manual nor introduce materials
other than those recommended herein.
Improper disassembly or introduction of corrosive materials may result in equipment failure or other damage.
3. Try and avoid facing the camera toward the sun.
In some circumstances, direct sunlight or may cause permanent damage to the sensor and/or internal circuits.
4. Keep the power cord away from water and other liquids and never touch the power cord with wet hands.
Touching a wet power cord with hands or touching the power cord with wet hands may result in electric shock.
5. Never install the camera in areas exposed to oil, gas or solvents.
Oil, gas or solvents may result in equipment failure, electric shock or, in extreme cases, fire.
6. Cleaning
Do not touch the surface of the sensor directly with the hands. Use a damp soft cloth to remove any dirt from the
camera body. Use lens tissue or a cotton tipped applicator and ethanol to clean the sensor and the camera lens.
Please do not use complex solvents, corrosive or abrasive agents for cleaning.
7. Do not operate the camera beyond the specified temperature, humidity or power source ratings.
Use the camera at temperatures within -10 ~ 50 (14~122) and in an IP66 complaint environment; this
device is not rated as submersible. The input power source is 12VDC/24VAC.


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Bendra informacija
Prekės ženklas EverFocus
Modelis Polestar II ED610
Produktas Stebėjimo kamera
EAN 697101009157, 6971010091576, 697101009492, 6971010094928, 697101009652, 6971010096526, 697101009669, 6971010096694, 0697101009492
Kalba Anglų
Failo tipas Vartotojo vadovas (PDF)

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