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User’s Manual


Care and Safety Information

1. Keep the device and packaging materials out of the reach of infants and
2. Avoid subjecting the power adapter and other contacts to dripping or splashing
water and dry your hands before you use it. Do not place objects filled with
liquids such as vases, etc. on or near the device.
3. Make sure that the used power outlet is always readily available and never
hidden. In case of emergency, use the power adapter to separate the device
from the power network.
4. Keep your device away from all flames such as candles and do not set them up
in the vicinity of the device.
5. Keep the unit at least 10 cm away from other objects. Make sure the ventilation
is not covered by newspapers, tablecloths, curtains, etc.
6. For your own safety, do not use the projector during thunderstorms or lightning.
7. Relative Humidity is 5~35°C, 80% (Max.), non-condensing.
8. The battery is integrated with the device. Do not dissemble and modify. The battery
should be replaced by qualified service staff only.
9. Ensure that the ambient room temperature is within -10~55°C
10. During the operation, this product may heat lightly, which is normal.
11. Wait before using if the device has been moved from a cold location into a
warm one. Any condensation that has formed may in certain circumstances
destroy the device. As soon as the device has reached room temperature it can
be used without risk.
12. Handle the product with care. Avoid contact with sharp objects. Keep device
away from metallic objects.
13. Place the projector on a flat surface. Any collision or falling to the ground is
likely to damage the product.
14. Do not drop or disassemble the product otherwise the warranty voids. Opening
or removing covers may expose you to dangerous voltage or other hazards.
Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel.
15. Use only the accessories supplied by the
16. Both product and user’s manual are subject to
further improvement or supplement without
further notice.
17. Avoid facing directly into the projector’s lens.


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Bendra informacija
Prekės ženklas Aiptek
Modelis MobileCinema Q20
Produktas Vaizdo projektorius
EAN 4719851877797
Kalba Anglų
Failo tipas Vartotojo vadovas (PDF)

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